Strengths and Weaknesses of Queen of Sweden Rose

Strengths and Weaknesses of Queen of Sweden Rose

I. Basic Information

  • Origin: Bred by David Austin, England in 2004.
  • Characteristics: Tall bush type, mature height of 120-150cm.
  • Color: Light pink, peach pink.
  • Bloom Size: 6-8cm.
  • Bloom Longevity: 4-6 days.
  • Fragrance: Intense, with a blend of apple, cherry, and orange scents.
  • Repeat Bloom: Every 4-5 weeks.

II. Strengths

  1. Plant Form: The plant always grows into a neat, upright bush, with smooth stems and almost no thorns, making it suitable for balconies or terraces.
  2. Flower Color: The elegance of light pink, sometimes peach pink, enhances its regal name.
  3. Growth: The plant grows long, straight branches and thrives in areas with irregular weather conditions.
  4. Disease Resistance: It has good disease resistance.
  5. Fragrance: The flowers have a strong, pleasant fragrance, with notes of apple, cherry, and orange.

III. Weaknesses

  1. Fertilization: While the plant grows well, attention must be paid to the amount of fertilizer. Over-fertilization can lead to excessive growth of branches and leaves, resulting in fewer buds and flowers.