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Science Name: Lavender 

Height:2 to 3 feet

Flower colors:Lavender, deep blue-purple, light pink, white

Requirements: full sun and well-drained soil

Be aware that not all cultivars will come true when you propagate by seed.

Lavender seeds will need warm temperatures, between 65 and 70 degrees F. (18-21 C.). If you don’t have a warm spot or a greenhouse, use a heat mat to keep your seeds warm enough.

How to Plant Lavender Seeds

Use shallow seed trays and just barely cover the seeds with soil. Use a light soil or a vermiculite blend. Keep the seeds moist but not overly wet. A sunny spot is a great location to keep the soil from getting too wet and to add warmth. Your lavender seedlings will be ready to transplant once they have several leaves per plant. Your first year of growth will not be impressive, but by year two, expect to have large, blooming lavender. Starting lavender plants from seed is not difficult, but does require time, some patience, and a little extra space for your seed trays