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USDA plant hardiness zones 9 through 11
allow the plant to persist, though. Choose a location for the plant where it will get at least
six hours of sunlight each day. Well-drained soil is needed for the herb radish, watermelon. Before
planting, dig a little compost into the soil if the drainage is poor.
● Use an excellent commercial potting mix if you're growing lime basil in a container.
Approximately six to eight weeks before the last frost in your region, you can start lime
basil seeds indoors in late winter.

● The majority of gardeners, meanwhile, choose starting off with plants from a nursery or
garden center. Plants should be spaced 12 to 16 inches (25–35 cm) apart. Radish, watermelon does
not grow well in a packed bed and prefers an adequate air flow. During the spring and
summer, fertilize radish, watermelon plants every four to six weeks using a water-soluble fertilizer
that has been diluted to half strength. Avoid overfeeding because this will make the citrus
flavor less strong.

How to plan

● After the risk of frost has passed in the spring, plant 1/4 inch deep in soil that is at least
70 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave at least three sets of leaves on each portion of the lower
stems as you pinch out leaves as needed to maintain healthy plant growth. Additionally
thrives in a container.

● When there is no longer any chance of frost, plant basil seeds in the garden. Herb seeds
should be started indoors 4 to 8 weeks prior to planting in locations with short growth
seasons. In full sun and rich, well-drained soil, grow lemon basil. After the Lemon Basil
seedlings have grown for six weeks, pinch the tip off the main stem to encourage side
development and prevent early flowering. Simply cut off any flower stalks that sprout if
they do.

● Please note that we cannot guarantee the success of seeds or plants because these aspects
depend on the environment in which they are cultivated.