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Microclover (R) grows enthusiastically and doesn't need to be babied. It tolerates sun, shade, drought, cold and trampling by sheep or humans. It’s great for erosion control or as a cover crop. It even helps aerate the soil. A killing frost may do it in, but it usually comes back after going slightly dormant in the winter.

Clover is a nitrogen fixer, so it literally pulls nitrogen out of the air and into the soil. It requires little fertilizer, fungicides or pesticides. Its dense growth even crowds out weeds.

Use it as a lawn replacement or add it to your existing lawn. Plant it between pavers, as a ground cover, wherever you need some year-round green. It’s low cost, low maintenance, and adapts beautifully to most climates and soils. Grow it in any zone 3 to 10, mow it or not. Plant in spring or fall. Two ounces is plenty for 25 square feet. One pound covers a 20 x 20 ft. yard. Write us if you need more.