Our Stories:


Pemdas Garden was established in 2018 as a family business and remains the same to date. We grew up together with orchids, tulips, roses, sunflowers and many more bushes! You name them! We are dedicated to all floral things that are beautiful, natural and bright, which will bring up your mood for the day regardless of the stress you have to endure. My motto is “Flowers grow out of dark moments.” Originally selling products on Ebay, we began to search for a more suitable marketplace to offer our high quality products. We discovered Amazon.com recently and have since sold our products to customers all over the globe. With over 2 million seed packets sold & more than 500,000 orders shipped, Pemdas Garden is quickly becoming a leading seed supplier for home gardeners.


    Our Website:

    With careful thought and consideration, Pemdas Garden has decided to remain solely online as we push toward a more environmentally conscious future. Our website allows us to receive orders through a secure checkout process, which positively affects productivity and also reduces costs. Pemdasgarden.com not only offers the highest quality seed products, we also offer great knowledge on seed varieties.


      Our Product: 

      Our original product line contained under 100 seed varieties, but to date, we carry over 550 individual species. This includes over 280 varieties of flower seeds, 60+ herb seed types, and over 190 vegetables. Our vines and climbers account for a small chunk of our inventory as well. Pemdas Garden also specializes in personalized seed packet favors for events and parties, such as weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, memorial services, funerals and more. Carrying such a diverse product line has allowed us to offer our customers an all in one shopping experience. Finding the varieties of seed that you desire has never been easier.  


        Our Promise:


        Pemdas Garden promises to never knowingly offer or sell Genetically Modified seed products. Almost all of our seeds are harvested from open pollinated plants, originating from professional growers all over the world. A small handful of our F1 hybrids are harvested from controlled pollinated plants. Pemdas Garden guarantees that the vast majority of seed products sold are fresh and viable to a percentage of at least 70%. We do our best to maintain a positive buying experience with each and every customer.