Mon Coeur rose

Mon Coeur rose

Mon Coeur rose:

  • Origin: Bred by Takunori Kimura, introduced in Japan in 2012.
  • Characteristics: Climbing habit, reaching an average height of 1.5m - 2.5m.
  • Color: Pink, Light Pink.
  • Flower Size: 6-8 cm, lasting 5-8 days.
  • Fragrance: Fruity with hints of musk.
  • Flowering Repeat: Year-round, every 4-5 weeks.
  • Disease Resistance: Good.

"Mon Coeur" in French means "My Heart" literally, or "My Love" figuratively. The flower features a delicate pink color, double petals, elegant and pure like a symbol of love. When freshly bloomed, the flower is tightly closed, akin to new love, then gradually opens to reveal its full beauty, becoming rich, intense, and passionate.

Mon Coeur is a climbing rose variety, producing medium-sized flowers ranging from 6 to 8 cm across, blooming throughout the year. It adapts well to Vietnam's climate, maintaining its form and color whether in summer or winter. With over 40 petals, nature has skillfully crafted it into a perfect Japanese cherry blossom-like rose, richly scented with hints of musk.

"Mon Coeur - A thornless climbing rose variety is the perfect choice for those with less experience who prefer an elegant color palette."