Koko Loko

Koko Loko

"Koko Loko rose, Characteristics: Low bushy habit, mature height 60-100 cm. Color: Brown, pinkish-brown. Flower size: 5-8 cm, lasting 3-6 days. Fragrance: Mild fruity fragrance. Rebloom: Year-round, rapid, every 3-4 weeks."

"Koko Loko - The Perfect Child

When learning about Koko Loko, I quietly thought to myself: "Could this be one of humanity's greatest achievements in rose breeding history?"

Though its parents, Blueberry Hill and Pot O’Gold, weren't particularly notable in appearance, their combination of lavender-blue hues with strong disease resistance, and golden tones with a distinctive fruity fragrance, gave rise to Koko Loko—marked by vibrant color and a pleasant demeanor.

This bush grows into a rounded form, reaching a mature height of about 80-120cm, with flowers spanning 6-10 cm in diameter. Each stem bears a single blossom, occasionally bursting into large clusters. Thriving in unpredictable climates of sun and rain, Koko Loko, bearing the bloodlines of two diverse ancestors, becomes a multicolored beauty. On cooler days, it dons a somber coffee-brown attire, while under the sun, it adorns itself in cheerful pinkish-brown robes.

Among many others, Koko Loko stands out as the coffee-colored belle, yet beyond mere appearance, it inherits its mother's most outstanding trait—a sweet, fruity fragrance. With each bloom, it proudly displays its full beauty and aroma, fulfilling the desires of those who cherish perfection in their possession."