Kinda Blue

Kinda Blue

"Kinda Blue rose

  • Origin: Bred by Kordes, Germany before 2015, first introduced in Japan in 2015.
  • Also known as: Tiny Blue.
  • Characteristics: Bushy habit, mature height 100-150cm.
  • Color: Purple, lavender.
  • Flower size: 7-10 cm, lasting 7-10 days.
  • Repeat flowering: Throughout the year, every 3-4 weeks."
  • "Generally speaking, purple roses and specifically Kinda Blue appear differently in photos taken at night, with or without flash, showing variations in color."
  • "Kinda Blue - A rose that maintains its true purple color in any climate."
  • "Kinda Blue rose - Thạch Lam, the Princess of Saigon

    She goes by many names, sometimes Kinda Blue, other times Tiny Blue. But I prefer to call her by her endearing name - Thạch Lam. It's no coincidence that I've given her such a loving Vietnamese name. She exudes elegance from her form, delicate fragrance, to the intricately arranged branches, seemingly intentional yet effortlessly natural. Spanning across continents from temperate zones to tropical heat, each Thạch Lam bloom maintains a steadfast petal structure like a pledge of eternal fidelity in violet hues.

    What truly captivates me is her unique shade of Thạch, amidst the realm of purples and lavenders. Despite the challenges posed by the Southern climate, where deep-colored roses reign, Thạch Lam proudly displays her shimmering, understated violet-blue hue, serene and unassuming.

    Together, let's plant a Kinda Blue stem and revel in the symphony of scents that Thạch Lam gracefully echoes through the somber, rain-soaked weeks at the beginning of the monsoon season. There's no room here for overpowering fragrances or bold French perfumes. With Thạch Lam, it's all about the delicate essence of Mediterranean Lavender, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath, perhaps you can sense the subtle herbal notes with a hint of sea salt, culminating in the rich, intertwined aroma of black tea from the deep violet-blue stream."