Why do cut roses wilt quickly in a vase?

Why do cut roses wilt quickly in a vase?
Pemdas Garden's customers often wonder: "Even with the same variety, and the same way of arranging, cut roses from the garden wilt quickly in a vase, not staying fresh as long as roses bought from outside."
The reason may originate from the post-cut processing of the flowers:
After the flower stems are cut, sap from the plant flows out at the cut, and if left for a while, this sap layer will dry, forming small air bubbles at the cut.
These air bubbles prevent water from penetrating into the stem, so, in reality, the flower stem is not supplied with enough water to keep the flower fresh.
1. It is best to place the flowers in a basin or water container immediately after cutting from the plant to prevent the sap layer from drying.
2. To ensure even more, before arranging the flowers, cut the stem again to eliminate this layer of air bubbles, helping water to flow smoothly