Sweet Chariot rose

Sweet Chariot rose

Sweet Chariot rose:

  • Origin: Bred by Ralph S. Moore, United States, 1984
  • Characteristics: Low, compact shrub
  • Color: Purple, Pink-purple, Wine purple, Pink
  • Bloom size: 2-3 cm
  • Fragrance: Charming, sweet myrrh scent
  • Re-bloom: Very fast, 2-3 weeks
  • Disease resistance: Very good
  • Along with Aunt Margy’s, Sweet Chariot is a cascading shrub that can be hung or placed at a height, with flowers blooming in large clusters and exuding a strong herbal fragrance. It is a perfect choice for compact shrubs in gardens, balconies, or rooftops.
  • A multi-colored pot of Sweet Chariot, with flowers that start out dark and lighten as they fully bloom. When hung or placed at a height, it brings a strong herbal fragrance that soothes the soul.

    Sweet Chariot is adorned with its sweet moniker perhaps due to not only its intense, rich fragrance and warm wine-purple clusters but also its easy-care nature and accommodating demeanor. It blooms surprisingly fast (every 2-3 weeks), adapts well to limited space and sunlight, making it particularly suitable for high-hanging baskets where its flowers cascade beautifully downward.

    In my balcony corner, whether it faces intense westward sun or has limited sunlight for just 2-3 hours, Sweet Chariot thrives well and emits a strong herbal fragrance, providing me with a positive energy boost whenever needed.