Carey Rose

Carey Rose
  • Origin: Bred by David Austin, introduced in England in 2015.
  • Characteristics: Shrub, mature height 80-120 cm.
  • Color: Blush pink, pink.
  • Bloom size: 8-12 cm, lasts 5-8 days.
  • Fragrance: Strong fruity scent.
  • Repeat blooming: Year-round, every 4-5 weeks.
  • Disease resistance: Very good.
  • Carey - An exceptional rose variety in the collection of wedding roses by Mr. David Austin. Since its introduction, it has been loved by many due to its numerous advantages from color, fragrance to the size of the bloom.

  • The Carey rose produces large flowers, about 9-12 cm in diameter, with uniquely arranged petals. The center consists of layered petals resembling skirts, overlapping each other with fringed edges, creating an intriguing appearance. The bloom is embraced by outer petals, forming a round egg shape. The flower's color varies from deep to light pink depending on the weather. When in bloom, the flower exudes a fragrance reminiscent of green tea, with a hint of fresh lemon, the sweetness of ripe peaches, and a gentle, refreshing, yet lingering scent.
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