Blue Moonstone

Blue Moonstone

Highlights of Blue Moonstone:

  1. Beauty: Possesses delicate beauty blending white and shades of purple, lavender, Blue Moonstone maintains its color well in hot climates, with thick petals (over 60 petals).

  2. Growth: Rapid growth, with long, sprawling branches and large clusters of blooms.

  3. Fragrance: Intensely fragrant, reminiscent of Apple and Cherry mixed with refreshing Lemongrass, intertwined with a strong, peppery undertone.

  4. Heat and Weather Resistance: Tolerates high temperatures and unpredictable weather conditions well.

  5. With just 40 petals, Blue Moonstone unfolds like a masterful origami, meticulously folding each petal evenly from inside out, creating various angles that produce striking visual effects, captivating the grower. Not stopping there, this beauty uses a blush pink tone in dry seasons and a dusty purple in rainy seasons to disguise and subtly veil its pure fragrance. She embodies the essence of the French Centifolia rose with occasional notes of Orange Blossom, Ylang-Ylang, and White Musk...