Blue Moon Stone

Blue Moon Stone

Blue Moon Stone - Mosquito-Repellent Rose

"Hey, this flower smells so much like citronella and lemon essential oils. The fragrance is so relaxing that it might even repel mosquitoes if planted," shared a customer visiting PEMDASGARDEN while passing by the Blue Moon Stone row.

Beyond the perfect beauty of Blue Moon Stone that we can admire with our eyes, what captivates scent-sensitive individuals like PEMDASGARDEN is its impressive fragrance that lingers everywhere. With Blue Moon Stone, PEMDASGARDEN finds its perfect definition of the myrrh scent in roses.

When it first blooms, it embodies the elegant and luxurious fragrance of French roses, accented with notes of orange, iris, and lily of the valley. All these combine, lingering gently to soothe the soul with orange and honey scents on hot days, and suddenly turning into a bold, intense aroma of musk with citronella and herbs when it rains...

"PEMDASGARDEN hopes that every word can fully convey the fragrance of Blue Moon Stone to you, so that those who love the scent of roses can feel cared for and emotionally satisfied when owning a pot of Blue Moon Stone."